Sunday, August 28, 2011

Superflex moves to France


Superflex is a immature dim witted superhero who is wimpy and cowardly. he is the main protagonist of the story and he moved to France for some reason.

 Bark the dog.
Bark the dog is Superflex's pet dog and the secondary protagonist of the story. bark is a not a purebred dog and is a mix of cocker spanial,  chihuahua, schnauzer, German Shepard, husky, pitbull, bulldog, Dalmatian, rottweiler, bulldog, pug, border collie,  duck troller, terrier, shiatsu, doberman, great dane, sheep dog, bloodhound, greyhound, Irish setter, poodle, wiener dog, Labrador, dingo, coyote, werewolf, wolf, and wolfos. ganondorf once turned bark into a purebred wolfos.

  le french.
le french is a french deku scrub and the main antagonist of the story. he is deeky tree's younger brother and is a highly trained assassin like deeky tree. he appears in random places and tries to kill superflex.

superflex woke up one morning and made his breakfast and walked outside. however the moment he stepped outside the door ganondorf, rock brain, nephilis, deeky tree, and the stupid brothers threw rocks at him and knocked him out. take that nerd boy! said ganondorf. ganondorf and his friends then laughed at superflex and ran away. superflex was out cold for five years and when he woke up five years later he had a huge headache and he could no longer see out of his left eye. that's it I'm getting sick of ganondorf and his friends picking on me so I'm moving somewhere far away! said superflex. superflex then noticed that an airport had an airplane going to France. superflex then grabbed bark the dog and got on the plane and went to France although it took five years to get there. at France superflex tried to go to the Eiffel tower but he didn't know where it was and he spent five years looking for it but he didn't find it. where is the effiel tower? asked superflex. all the sudden superflex saw a deku scrub. hey maybe that deku scrub knows where it is. said superflex. hey deku scrub do you know where the Eiffel tower is? asked superflex. irk nork bleck blork bloop danka banka marp manka mork. said the deku scrub. what the hell is it saying? asked superflex. i think its speaking french ruff. said bark. hey deku scrub we cant speak french so can you speak English? asked superflex. i can speak a little bit of le English. said the deku scrub. ok so can you tell where the Eiffel tower is? asked superflex. NEVER! YOU ARE A HUMAN NOT A DEKU SCRUB SO FOR THAT YOU MUST LE DIE!!!!!!!! yelled the deku scrub. the deku scrub started spitting deku nuts at superflex and bark. AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! IM SCARED!!! screamed superflex. i will le kill you! i am le french the deku scrub assassin and you will le die! yelled le french. superflex and bark ran away as fast as they could. ok that deku scrub is very mean and why does he want to kill me what did i do? asked superflex. you know he reminds me of someone but i just cant put my finger on it ruff. said bark. you are a dog and you don't have any fingers. said superflex. it was a figure of speech ruff. said bark. whats a figure of speech? asked superflex. you are a complete idiot ruff. said bark. superflex then seen a book on the ground. to superflex's surprise it was written in English not french. the book told superflex where the Eiffel tower was and it said that the master sword was located in the tower. hey if i get the master sword then i could kill ganondorf  and his friends and go back home. said superflex. superflex and bark then headed towards the effiel tower but le french appeared. BONJOUR LE SUPERFLEX! NOW ITS TIME TO LE DIE NERD BOY!!! yelled le french. le french started spitting deku nuts at bark and superflex. AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! I'M SCARED! screamed superflex. superflex and bark ran to the Eiffel tower as fast as they could but le french chased them there. superflex took the master sword and swung at le french. but  le french spit deku nuts at superflex and knocked the master sword out of superflex's  hands and then grabbed the sword and started swinging at superflex. just when le french was about to kill superflex he noticed the le jules verne restaurant and went inside.
  this is the le jules verne restaurant.

 superflex' bark' and le french then ordered 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 beers each and got drunk.  five years later le fench' superflex' and bark recovered from being drunk and continued the fight. that restaurant is nice but my le brother's deku burger is still better. said le french. le french then started swinging the master sword around and he sliced superflex's left arm off. OW THE PAIN THAT HURTS!! screamed superflex. superflex then fell to the ground in pain and bled to death. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LE WIN!! screamed le french. le fench then stabbed superflex deku nut at one of the supports holding the Eiffel tower up and caused it to collapse. le fenchle french killed superflex.
                                         THE END!!!             

( I know this is crap but but i don't care and i like it and if you don't like it then you can die.)                   

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