Thursday, August 25, 2011

Superflex vs Ganondorf 3 the final battle



A dim witted wannabe
superhero who is very
wimpy and cowardly.
superflex is immature
and has a habit of
falling asleep for
five years. His
weakness is a
mineral called

Ganondorf [Picture]

An evil Gerudo sorcerer who has powerful dark
Magic. He has  the triforce of power
Which makes him super powerful and
Nearly immortal. He can also transform
Into a giant boar like monster called Ganon.
While he is cunning and evil his minions are dumb.
Nephilis    [Picture]
an evil undead stalfos sorcerer with powerful dark magic. Nephilis
conquered superflex,s world. Nephilis is mysterious and
nobody  knows who he was when he was alive. Defeat this evil undead demon to find out his true purpose and save the world….

Rock Brain   [Picture]
A dim witted rock golem. Rock Brain is Ganondorf,s butler but he is so dumb
That he always screws up. He is completely loyal to ganondorf and does whatever he tells him to. Since rock brain is a rock he is immune to getting sick and can survive attacks that would kill a human. Rock brain is 30% kryptoflex which gives him an advantage when he is fighting superflex. Despite his low intelligence rock brain is a powerful warrior.  

Shadowy figure   [Picture]
a mysterious cloaked dude with dark magic.
This evil sorcerer appears whenever superflex finds a sacred orb and
Tries to kill superflex. What is his purpose and who is he really?.

Deeky tree  [Picture]
A deku scrub assassin that appears at random
Places and tries to kill superflex. Superflex accidentally met Deeky
Tree when he went to a deku burger restaurant. Superflex tried to make
His order  but Deeky Tree was the store clerk and he said that deku burger
Was only for deku scrubs and he tried to kill superflex. Deeky tree was
Hunting superflex down ever since. Deeky tree was seemingly killed
By superflex in book 2 but now he is back for revenge. At the end of the book you will discover the unexpected truth about this mysterious deku scrub.

The kraken [Picture]
a gigantic Octorok that is the guardian of the water orb.

Dario [Picture]
Warios pet cat. Dario is also the guardian of the earth orb.

BEN [Picture]
An evil elegy of emptiness statue that haunted a majoras mask cartridge.
Ben can kill people by singing the song of unhealing hes singing is
So horrible that it drains your soul and kills you. Ben wasn’t always
A elegy of emptiness statue he was a human boy at one time but he
Was on a school field trip to a swimming pool but one of his
Classmates pushed him into the pool and he drowned and
His spirit haunted the cartridge and he turned into a statue.
He is also the guardian of the darkness orb.

A homeless man who is obsessed with star wars. He is the guardian of the
Garbage orb.

TERRAKION [Picture] 
a legendary pokemon that is the guardian of the rock orb.

DARUNIA  [Picture]
Darunia is the party obsessed king of the gorons and the guardian of the fire orb.

A weird  man that sells a bunch of masks.
He revived superflex and he knows
The song of healing.

SKULL KID [Picture]    skull kid wears the evil majoras mask which gives him dark magic. superflex met skull kid when he went to the sacred grove. Superflex later encounters skull kid again when he goes to the
Forest temple will he be able to beat the temple by himself or will he
Need help from a very unlikely partner?... skull kids are kokiri children that got lost in the lost woods and got cursed and became skull kids.

Two dim witted but powerful Moblin brothers that work for ganondorf.
There loyal to ganondorf but they are dumb and there always 

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