Sunday, August 28, 2011

Superflex moves to France


Superflex is a immature dim witted superhero who is wimpy and cowardly. he is the main protagonist of the story and he moved to France for some reason.

 Bark the dog.
Bark the dog is Superflex's pet dog and the secondary protagonist of the story. bark is a not a purebred dog and is a mix of cocker spanial,  chihuahua, schnauzer, German Shepard, husky, pitbull, bulldog, Dalmatian, rottweiler, bulldog, pug, border collie,  duck troller, terrier, shiatsu, doberman, great dane, sheep dog, bloodhound, greyhound, Irish setter, poodle, wiener dog, Labrador, dingo, coyote, werewolf, wolf, and wolfos. ganondorf once turned bark into a purebred wolfos.

  le french.
le french is a french deku scrub and the main antagonist of the story. he is deeky tree's younger brother and is a highly trained assassin like deeky tree. he appears in random places and tries to kill superflex.

superflex woke up one morning and made his breakfast and walked outside. however the moment he stepped outside the door ganondorf, rock brain, nephilis, deeky tree, and the stupid brothers threw rocks at him and knocked him out. take that nerd boy! said ganondorf. ganondorf and his friends then laughed at superflex and ran away. superflex was out cold for five years and when he woke up five years later he had a huge headache and he could no longer see out of his left eye. that's it I'm getting sick of ganondorf and his friends picking on me so I'm moving somewhere far away! said superflex. superflex then noticed that an airport had an airplane going to France. superflex then grabbed bark the dog and got on the plane and went to France although it took five years to get there. at France superflex tried to go to the Eiffel tower but he didn't know where it was and he spent five years looking for it but he didn't find it. where is the effiel tower? asked superflex. all the sudden superflex saw a deku scrub. hey maybe that deku scrub knows where it is. said superflex. hey deku scrub do you know where the Eiffel tower is? asked superflex. irk nork bleck blork bloop danka banka marp manka mork. said the deku scrub. what the hell is it saying? asked superflex. i think its speaking french ruff. said bark. hey deku scrub we cant speak french so can you speak English? asked superflex. i can speak a little bit of le English. said the deku scrub. ok so can you tell where the Eiffel tower is? asked superflex. NEVER! YOU ARE A HUMAN NOT A DEKU SCRUB SO FOR THAT YOU MUST LE DIE!!!!!!!! yelled the deku scrub. the deku scrub started spitting deku nuts at superflex and bark. AAAAAAAAAGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!! IM SCARED!!! screamed superflex. i will le kill you! i am le french the deku scrub assassin and you will le die! yelled le french. superflex and bark ran away as fast as they could. ok that deku scrub is very mean and why does he want to kill me what did i do? asked superflex. you know he reminds me of someone but i just cant put my finger on it ruff. said bark. you are a dog and you don't have any fingers. said superflex. it was a figure of speech ruff. said bark. whats a figure of speech? asked superflex. you are a complete idiot ruff. said bark. superflex then seen a book on the ground. to superflex's surprise it was written in English not french. the book told superflex where the Eiffel tower was and it said that the master sword was located in the tower. hey if i get the master sword then i could kill ganondorf  and his friends and go back home. said superflex. superflex and bark then headed towards the effiel tower but le french appeared. BONJOUR LE SUPERFLEX! NOW ITS TIME TO LE DIE NERD BOY!!! yelled le french. le french started spitting deku nuts at bark and superflex. AAAAAAAAAAAGGGGGGHHHHH!!!!!!! I'M SCARED! screamed superflex. superflex and bark ran to the Eiffel tower as fast as they could but le french chased them there. superflex took the master sword and swung at le french. but  le french spit deku nuts at superflex and knocked the master sword out of superflex's  hands and then grabbed the sword and started swinging at superflex. just when le french was about to kill superflex he noticed the le jules verne restaurant and went inside.
  this is the le jules verne restaurant.

 superflex' bark' and le french then ordered 99999999999999999999999999999999999999999999999 beers each and got drunk.  five years later le fench' superflex' and bark recovered from being drunk and continued the fight. that restaurant is nice but my le brother's deku burger is still better. said le french. le french then started swinging the master sword around and he sliced superflex's left arm off. OW THE PAIN THAT HURTS!! screamed superflex. superflex then fell to the ground in pain and bled to death. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! I LE WIN!! screamed le french. le fench then stabbed superflex deku nut at one of the supports holding the Eiffel tower up and caused it to collapse. le fenchle french killed superflex.
                                         THE END!!!             

( I know this is crap but but i don't care and i like it and if you don't like it then you can die.)                   

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Superflex vs Ganondorf 3 the final battle



A dim witted wannabe
superhero who is very
wimpy and cowardly.
superflex is immature
and has a habit of
falling asleep for
five years. His
weakness is a
mineral called

Ganondorf [Picture]

An evil Gerudo sorcerer who has powerful dark
Magic. He has  the triforce of power
Which makes him super powerful and
Nearly immortal. He can also transform
Into a giant boar like monster called Ganon.
While he is cunning and evil his minions are dumb.
Nephilis    [Picture]
an evil undead stalfos sorcerer with powerful dark magic. Nephilis
conquered superflex,s world. Nephilis is mysterious and
nobody  knows who he was when he was alive. Defeat this evil undead demon to find out his true purpose and save the world….

Rock Brain   [Picture]
A dim witted rock golem. Rock Brain is Ganondorf,s butler but he is so dumb
That he always screws up. He is completely loyal to ganondorf and does whatever he tells him to. Since rock brain is a rock he is immune to getting sick and can survive attacks that would kill a human. Rock brain is 30% kryptoflex which gives him an advantage when he is fighting superflex. Despite his low intelligence rock brain is a powerful warrior.  

Shadowy figure   [Picture]
a mysterious cloaked dude with dark magic.
This evil sorcerer appears whenever superflex finds a sacred orb and
Tries to kill superflex. What is his purpose and who is he really?.

Deeky tree  [Picture]
A deku scrub assassin that appears at random
Places and tries to kill superflex. Superflex accidentally met Deeky
Tree when he went to a deku burger restaurant. Superflex tried to make
His order  but Deeky Tree was the store clerk and he said that deku burger
Was only for deku scrubs and he tried to kill superflex. Deeky tree was
Hunting superflex down ever since. Deeky tree was seemingly killed
By superflex in book 2 but now he is back for revenge. At the end of the book you will discover the unexpected truth about this mysterious deku scrub.

The kraken [Picture]
a gigantic Octorok that is the guardian of the water orb.

Dario [Picture]
Warios pet cat. Dario is also the guardian of the earth orb.

BEN [Picture]
An evil elegy of emptiness statue that haunted a majoras mask cartridge.
Ben can kill people by singing the song of unhealing hes singing is
So horrible that it drains your soul and kills you. Ben wasn’t always
A elegy of emptiness statue he was a human boy at one time but he
Was on a school field trip to a swimming pool but one of his
Classmates pushed him into the pool and he drowned and
His spirit haunted the cartridge and he turned into a statue.
He is also the guardian of the darkness orb.

A homeless man who is obsessed with star wars. He is the guardian of the
Garbage orb.

TERRAKION [Picture] 
a legendary pokemon that is the guardian of the rock orb.

DARUNIA  [Picture]
Darunia is the party obsessed king of the gorons and the guardian of the fire orb.

A weird  man that sells a bunch of masks.
He revived superflex and he knows
The song of healing.

SKULL KID [Picture]    skull kid wears the evil majoras mask which gives him dark magic. superflex met skull kid when he went to the sacred grove. Superflex later encounters skull kid again when he goes to the
Forest temple will he be able to beat the temple by himself or will he
Need help from a very unlikely partner?... skull kids are kokiri children that got lost in the lost woods and got cursed and became skull kids.

Two dim witted but powerful Moblin brothers that work for ganondorf.
There loyal to ganondorf but they are dumb and there always 

the star wars obbsessed hobo

There was a 17 year old boy who was obsessed with star wars. he had star wars action figures, star wars video games, star wars toys, star wars playing cards, star wars movies,
star wars books, and even star wars toilets. And everyone at school found out about it and called him a star wars nerd and beat him up and stole his stuff and pulled his pants down and looked under the stall when he went to the bathroom. there was also a deku scrub named deeky tree who bullied him. Everyday they bullied him and stole his stuff and said that star wars nerds like him were stupid ugly and worthless. He was so sad and depressed he became an emo and cut himself. They still picked on him and the teachers also picked on him. even his pet dog Bingo picked on him!! His own mom even loved his brother Billy more then him. he was so depressed he quit school and in his adulthood he tried to get a job at a store called  star wars r us but was so dumb because he quit school  that he was fired and could not get another job and he became a hobo!!!! And It all could have been avoided if he did not watch star wars so much!!!!! may the force NOT  be with him!!!!!!!!

       The end!!


YOU GOT RICK ROLLED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Superflex and the haunted mirror

Superflex woke up one morning and made his breakfast. however Superflex drank to much beer and he had to go pee really bad. superflex ran to the bathroom as fast as he could but he didn't make it because he was to slow and he peed himself. oh crap i peed myself again. oh well smelling like pee is manly. said superflex. superflex then had to go pee again and since he was at the bathroom already he just went in and peed. however it turned out that Superflex's bathroom didn't have a mirror. HOLY CRAP! I DON'T HAVE A MIRROR SO I CANT LOOK AT MY HANDSOME FACE!! WAAAAAAAGHHHH!!! screamed superflex. superflex then started running around in circles screaming for five years. five years later bark the dog came in and asked him what he was doing. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU FAT MORON! RUFF! yelled bark. I don't have a mirror so I cant look at my handsome face waaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! screamed superflex. one you are not handsome you are ugly and two you can easily buy a mirror at morshu's mirror store ruff. said bark. why didn't i think of that? asked superflex. because you are a idiot ruff. said bark. superflex and bark then went to morshu's store but on the way superflex had to pee again so he barged into someones house and went to the bathroom. however superflex wasn't paying attention  and he accidentally peed  all over the guy's mirror instead of the toilet. oh crap i missed the toilet again. said superflex. superflex then left the guy's house and went to morshu's mirror store. hey morshu can i have a mirror? asked superflex. no you cant because you killed me. said morshu. superflex then took a mirror and smashed morshu in the face with it and killed him. take that you fat jerk! said superflex. superflex then looked around the store and started looking at mirrors. superflex saw a pink girly mirror covered in flowers. EW! THAT DISGUSTING! yelled superflex. superflex saw another mirror with a picture of wario on it. to ugly. said superflex. superflex then saw another mirror made out of paper. to fragile. said superflex. superflex then came across a creepy blood covered demonic black mirror. hey this looks cool! said superflex. superflex then looked in the mirror but instead of his usual reflection he saw a creepy undead demon with glowing red eyes and horns and sharp fangs staring at him. AAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SCARED! THE MIRROR IS HAUNTED!!!!!!! screamed superflex. superflex then fainted for five years. five years later superflex woke up. BARK WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE THE MIRROR IS HAUNTED! screamed superflex. the mirror is not haunted you fat idiot. you just look ugly ruff. said bark. oh that's a relief. said superflex. all the sudden deeky tree appeared and smashed superflex in the face with the haunted mirror and killed him. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE AND PEEING ON MY MIRROR!!! yelled deeky tree.
                             THE END!!!!