Thursday, August 25, 2011

the star wars obbsessed hobo

There was a 17 year old boy who was obsessed with star wars. he had star wars action figures, star wars video games, star wars toys, star wars playing cards, star wars movies,
star wars books, and even star wars toilets. And everyone at school found out about it and called him a star wars nerd and beat him up and stole his stuff and pulled his pants down and looked under the stall when he went to the bathroom. there was also a deku scrub named deeky tree who bullied him. Everyday they bullied him and stole his stuff and said that star wars nerds like him were stupid ugly and worthless. He was so sad and depressed he became an emo and cut himself. They still picked on him and the teachers also picked on him. even his pet dog Bingo picked on him!! His own mom even loved his brother Billy more then him. he was so depressed he quit school and in his adulthood he tried to get a job at a store called  star wars r us but was so dumb because he quit school  that he was fired and could not get another job and he became a hobo!!!! And It all could have been avoided if he did not watch star wars so much!!!!! may the force NOT  be with him!!!!!!!!

       The end!!

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