Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Superflex and the haunted mirror

Superflex woke up one morning and made his breakfast. however Superflex drank to much beer and he had to go pee really bad. superflex ran to the bathroom as fast as he could but he didn't make it because he was to slow and he peed himself. oh crap i peed myself again. oh well smelling like pee is manly. said superflex. superflex then had to go pee again and since he was at the bathroom already he just went in and peed. however it turned out that Superflex's bathroom didn't have a mirror. HOLY CRAP! I DON'T HAVE A MIRROR SO I CANT LOOK AT MY HANDSOME FACE!! WAAAAAAAGHHHH!!! screamed superflex. superflex then started running around in circles screaming for five years. five years later bark the dog came in and asked him what he was doing. WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING YOU FAT MORON! RUFF! yelled bark. I don't have a mirror so I cant look at my handsome face waaaaaaaghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!! screamed superflex. one you are not handsome you are ugly and two you can easily buy a mirror at morshu's mirror store ruff. said bark. why didn't i think of that? asked superflex. because you are a idiot ruff. said bark. superflex and bark then went to morshu's store but on the way superflex had to pee again so he barged into someones house and went to the bathroom. however superflex wasn't paying attention  and he accidentally peed  all over the guy's mirror instead of the toilet. oh crap i missed the toilet again. said superflex. superflex then left the guy's house and went to morshu's mirror store. hey morshu can i have a mirror? asked superflex. no you cant because you killed me. said morshu. superflex then took a mirror and smashed morshu in the face with it and killed him. take that you fat jerk! said superflex. superflex then looked around the store and started looking at mirrors. superflex saw a pink girly mirror covered in flowers. EW! THAT DISGUSTING! yelled superflex. superflex saw another mirror with a picture of wario on it. to ugly. said superflex. superflex then saw another mirror made out of paper. to fragile. said superflex. superflex then came across a creepy blood covered demonic black mirror. hey this looks cool! said superflex. superflex then looked in the mirror but instead of his usual reflection he saw a creepy undead demon with glowing red eyes and horns and sharp fangs staring at him. AAAAAAGGGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'M SCARED! THE MIRROR IS HAUNTED!!!!!!! screamed superflex. superflex then fainted for five years. five years later superflex woke up. BARK WE HAVE TO GET OUT OF HERE THE MIRROR IS HAUNTED! screamed superflex. the mirror is not haunted you fat idiot. you just look ugly ruff. said bark. oh that's a relief. said superflex. all the sudden deeky tree appeared and smashed superflex in the face with the haunted mirror and killed him. THAT'S WHAT YOU GET FOR BREAKING INTO MY HOUSE AND PEEING ON MY MIRROR!!! yelled deeky tree.
                             THE END!!!!

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